He is a 100% Italo-Macho hetero who loves women above all, he makes clear right at the beginning of the conversation: Valentino, who owns 14 hairdressing salons in Zurich and other Swiss cities, is charming, talkative, disarmingly open - and has a good nose for trends. Just a month before former US athletics star Bruce Jenner posed in his new identity as a woman named Caitlyn on the June cover of Vanity Fair magazine, the island part-time resident presented his latest campaign: shampoo and hair care product manufacturer Goldwell advertises with models discovered by Valentino in Thailand - who, like Jenner, were once born men.

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A fact that is hard to believe when you look at the photos. And which also surprised the Swiss-born self-made entrepreneur in the beginning. Valentino got to know the first Ladyboy, as the reoperated transsexuals in Thailand are called, about three years ago during a stay in the Asian country. I was hypnotized, recalls the 54-year-old, who could not believe that the beauty before him had once been a man. I approached her, wanted to take pictures of her - but she didnt trust what I suggested, Valentino said about the first contact. He wasnt at all interested in insinuations: Im an aesthete, when my eye sees something, I immediately make a story out of it. And since he already had the story in his head, he remained stubborn - with success. At the second attempt, Cherry, the name of the beautiful being, was ready for professional recordings. I came into contact with her as a woman, and she appreciated that. After two photo sessions, his first model encouraged many other ladyboys to take part. In the end, the project was so big that Valentino was on site for three months - with the European production team. Many of the employees hadnt noticed that transgender models were standing in front of the camera: More than one wanted to go out with one of the beauties in the evening, says Valentino. And he emphasizes once again how perfectly the ladyboys have done the sex change. Neither Adams apple nor beard stubble like the transsexuals we know so well would have given any indication of the original gender of the models - at most, the fact that they were almost too perfect. Thats probably the only difference to native women: They have wished for so long to finally be a woman that they can really celebrate it after their dreams have been achieved: simply going out in public without makeup and in slobbering clothes would be out of the question for them. They all have serious jobs, work as secretaries, stewardesses or in dance shows - but without moving out, emphasises Valentino, adding that most of them come from good families in Thai society. Because the sex change from man to woman with the associated surgical interventions and hormonal treatments is not exactly cheap.

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But while the Kathoeys, as they are called in Thailand, are recognized as the fourth sex in their homeland after men, women and hermaphrodites, the handling of the topic is not quite as relaxed in his Swiss homeland. All the more courageous is it for Goldwell to start an advertising campaign with transgender models. The fact that he was the driving force behind the project would not surprise anyone in Zurich and the surrounding area: In Switzerland I have been known as a special bird for 34 years, so everyone would rather say ´typisch Valentino´, says Valentino. His own story is at least as interesting as the Transgender project. His parents, who came to Switzerland from Sicily as simple guest workers in the 1960s, were worried about him as a teenager: I had no desire for school or training. On his fathers advice to go into business for himself, the son, who at the time still had his baptismal name Claudio Scattina, thought about becoming a shoemaker: I thought I could learn that the quickest way. He owes the fact that, in the end, he was not concerned with his feet but with his heads to a cousin: she took him to the hairdressers in Geneva, where she worked. I didnt like the idea of touching other peoples hair at all - people werent as clean back then as they are today. But since he got away from his parents, he agreed. When he then entered the Geneva Salon at the cousins hand, it had happened to the admirer of the fair sex: There were 20 customers sitting on the chairs at nine oclock in the morning, and behind them were 20 hairdressers. In which profession of the world do 40 women await you at this time of day? That was great, that was my nirvana, he remembers. Since there was already a Claudio in the first salon where he worked, he had to think of another name - and decided on Valentino. After the movie star Rudolph Valentino - at his funeral 1,000 women had gathered at the grave, thats what I wanted too. He borrowed the money for his first own salon, which he opened at the age of 19, from the whole Italian family.

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He was very successful with his concept of the experience hairdresser, in which even then the customers sat in the shop window and were served Campari or espresso, and one new salon after the other followed. In the meantime, he hasnt been at the chair himself for over 18 years, but can afford to run his small empire from Mallorca - three days a week he is on location in Switzerland, four days on the island, where he has time to develop new ideas. I work there, I live here, he says - together with his partner and their daughter, who goes to school on Mallorca. At the age of eight, she is also a big transgender fan. The fact that Valentino himself fights for the recognition and acceptance of the re-operated women is probably also due to his own experience with exclusion: First he was discriminated against as a dark-skinned Italian in Switzerland, later as a supposed gay: When the term metrosexual was invented a few years ago, I thought: ´Endlich there is a word for mich´, he remembers, while he theatrically crosses himself. And summarizes to the parting once again its experience with the completely special Models: Humans are simply beautiful. In all its facets.


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